Environmental Asset Services, Inc.


Environmental Asset Services, Inc. (“EASI”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Trammell Crow Company that provides specialized environmental expertise pertinent to the development, ownership and management of commercial real estate. Established in 1993, EASI offers clients a variety of services specific to the management of environmental issues as they affect commercial real estate. EASI accomplishes this through three primary lines of business:

  • Brownfield Acquisitions and Development (BAD)
  • Environmental Project Management (EPM)
  • Tenant Inspection Program (TIP)

Simply put, EASI assists in preserving and enhancing property value, especially those impacted by, or threatened with, environmental pollution. EASI is uniquely equipped to manage environmental issues as they apply in this industry. EASI does not replace environmental consultants or legal advisors. Rather, EASI utilizes these resources while acting to manage all aspects of environmental projects and issues on behalf of our clients through the application of specialized environmental experience and expertise.

Commonly brownfield sites present unique development challenges to site planning, phasing, or use, and may also pose constructability risk concerns. EASI’s track record of strategizing and solving to these challenges is exemplary. We do this via:

  • Application of consulting expertise with a commercial real estate perspective
  • Independent review and summation of environmental documentation
  • Managing the environmental due diligence process
  • Evaluating properties to position for disposition transactions
  • Pointed and effective regulatory agency negotiation
  • Procurement of environmental insurance policies
  • Creation of indemnity and/or access and liability agreements
  • Aerospace industrial facility prior to demolition and remediation

Sustainability is the key watchword in today’s marketplace. One must remember that sustainability begins with the land itself. Rather than simply mitigating the impacts that development can have on the environment, cleaning up and utilizing a contaminated site provides a positive environmental impact. Converting brown land into green is what EASI does, and in so doing LEED points and sustainable development are achievable.

EASI helps make complicated environmental deals happen!

Below is a sampling of BAD work we've completed:

  • Aerospace Site Suing State
  • RCRA Permitted Aerospace Campus
  • Chemical Research Facility
  • Superfund Skunkworks Property
  • CBD Site with Groundwater Issues
  • RCRA Aerospace Closure
  • Superfund Circuit Board Manufacturer
  • Oilfield Redevelopment
  • Oilfield Redevelopment with Well Closures
  • Former Metal Recycling Facility
  • 18 Buildings Built in Gravel Pit
  • Industrial Site Amalgamation

By applying dedicated, trained, and experienced personnel to environmental projects EASI can manage site assessments, investigations and remediations in an efficient, cost effective and judicious manner. EASI essentially functions as a specialized project manager, applying environmental consulting expertise as well as the Client’s perspective to the resolution of the environmental issue at hand, and doing so with the aims and goals of the commercial property owner in mind.

Examples of EPM projects include:

  • Subsurface investigation
  • Site remediation
  • Hazardous waste management and/or disposal
  • Asbestos surveying and abatement
  • Indoor air quality assessment
  • Lead-based paint management and abatement
  • Other environmental issues

Below is a sampling of EPM work we've completed:

  • Soil Remediation & Vapor Extraction
  • $10M Asbestos Abatement & Demo
  • Major Mold Abatement & Retrofit
  • Systematic Asbestos Abatement & Rehab

The Tenant Inspection Program (TIP) was organized and developed by Environmental Asset Services, Inc. in the early 1990s. Since that time, TIP has conducted periodic inspections on hundreds of millions of square feet of commercial/industrial property in North America for a variety of owners, including:  ING Clarion Partners, AEW Capital Management, AMB Property Corporation, Crow Family Holdings, Invesco Realty Advisors, Bristol Group, SSR Realty Advisors, GE Capital, and others.

TIP is a process-oriented function designed to:

  • Interface with tenants to assess practices and mitigate risk to the property
  • Identify potential environmental problems before they become costly cleanups
  • Identify and define potential environmental concerns
  • Manage the resolution of identified concerns
  • Keep the tenant responsible at their expense
  • Ensure adherence to the environmental provisions of the lease
  • Provide the option of passing program costs to tenants via CAM fees
  • Maintain record on tenant inspections and issues
  • Create a paper trail beneficial in furthering property sales and refinancing
  • Help to ensure tenants are in utilizing accepted environmental standards
  • Provide review of new tenants
  • Provide scrutiny of exiting tenants as needed
  • Function as an environmental resource for Property & Asset Managers

Below is a sampling of TIP work we've completed:

  • Plating Chemical Manufacturer
  • Radioactive Materials Permit Closure
  • 10-Day Waste Transfer Facility Exit
  • PCE Supplier Exit
  • EPA Superfund Info Request
  • Pesticide Materials Abatement
  • Ink Manufacturer Investigation
  • Auto Foundry Tenant Modifications