Retailtainment: the Best Way to Increase Sales in Retail

Retailtainment – the convergence of retail, leisure and entertainment – has become increasingly popular in recent years as retail landlords and tenants realize that surviving e-commerce expansion requires a far more extensive offering than more products.

More landlords are transforming their malls into retail destinations to create more engaging consumer experiences and build retention. The CBRE Research team explains the emergence of new experience and provides real estate related recommendations for landlords and retailers seeking to increase foot traffic to the retail store and revenue.

Our infographic showcases retailtainment examples for a personalised, interactive and memorable retail experience.

Retailtainment Examples & Tips for Shopping Mall and Retailer

This report was prepared by the CBRE Asia Pacific Research Team, which forms part of CBRE Research – a network of preeminent researchers who collaborate to provide real estate market research and econometric forecasting to real estate investors and occupiers around the globe.

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