Investment - Malaysia’s property market gained traction as transaction activity in 3Q 2019 went up by 5.6% to 83,186 transactions and 4.7% to RM34.7 billion respectively from the same time last year.


Residential- Understanding homebuyers’ appetite in consonance with product positioning and local profile is the crux. Foreign buyers and investors may help to reduce the residential overhang following the proposed lowering of the foreign price threshold in Budget 2020.


Office - The soft market and high pipeline supply continued in 2019 for the purpose-built office market. The One Belt One Road initiative and the trade tension between US-China have seen increased Chinese presence in the Malaysian market.


Retail - Traditional shopping is currently challenged by modern approaches, leveraging on technology and increasing customers’ demand for lifestyle experiences while shopping. Millennials have also pushed retail boundaries towards a community concept; everything is in one place.


Industrial - Growing demand for last-mile deliveries are in line with the expansion of e-commerce. Efficiency and accessibility will top as the main criteria for logistics players to match the needs between air or sea ports and end users.


Hotel - Visit Malaysia 2020 will increase tourist arrivals, partly fueled by global issues steering tourists away from the other traditional destinations.