As we enter 2020, it is an appropriate time to consider how the Japan real estate market will change over the next 10 years. General changes in society will include shifting demographics, environmental issues, and the further evolution of technology. These phenomena are also likely to drive change in the real estate market. 

On the demographic front, generations including millennials and Generation Z will comprise the core of society by 2030, while the overall population will continue to age. 
Environmental challenges are no longer a matter for the future; they are already impacting directly on people's lives and corporate activity, and are something that the real estate sector must also tackle head-on over the next decade and beyond. 

As well as helping to resolve these issues, technology is set to bring new possibilities and create fresh opportunities for real estate. 

This report by CBRE examines the office, logistics, retail, hotel and data center sectors, as well as the real estate investment market, from three perspectives: People, the Environment, and Technology.