Over the last few months we have dug deep into our rich historic database of over £10bn of trades, to see what more we can learn about our market. The initial results of this work we share with you below. More will follow over the remainder of the year and into 2021 as we further explore what more we can do to increase understanding of and participation in the secondary market.

Trading Private Real Estate: Liquidity

In the first report we explore Liquidity, a key consideration for many investors and would-be participants. We look at the mix of trades over the last ten years, quantify the level of turnover in the market, and explore relationships between fund size, performance and liquidity.


Trading Private Real Estate: Pricing

The second report looks at Pricing, as we establish a methodology for blending trade and pricing data to produce pricing indices at the fund and aggregate market level, and use these to look for relationships with other performance indices that could inform trading decisions.


Trading Private Real Estate: Strategy

Finally, we explore Strategy, specifically the performance advantages of transacting via the secondary market quickly and at a discount to NAV.


Report videos