Daisy Walters

Office Manager & Senior Leadership Support

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35 Portman Square
4th Floor North
London W1H 6LR

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Daisy Walters serves as a skilled Office Manager & Senior Leadership Support, with a proven track record of seamlessly managing the demands of high-level executives. With a keen eye for detail and a proactive approach, Daisy takes pride in supporting The President of Europe, The Head of UK Logistics and The Senior Vice President’s of UK Office Development.

With Daisy's expert organizational abilities and exceptional multitasking skills, the daily operations of our team are in capable hands. Whether it's coordinating complex schedules, streamlining administrative processes, or ensuring efficient communication, she is the dependable force that keeps our team on track.

Daisy's friendly and approachable nature fosters a positive work atmosphere, where colleagues feel valued and supported. Her knack for problem-solving and effective communication ensures that any challenges are met head-on and resolved with efficiency.

As our Office Manager, Daisy plays a pivotal role in creating a harmonious workplace that allows our team to thrive. Her dedication to streamlining processes, enhancing collaboration, and upholding a high standard of professionalism makes Daisy an asset to our team.