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Energizing the Built Environment

For owners and investors seeking to create long-term value, mixed-use developments offer enormous opportunity. These projects offer compact, transit-oriented, walkable communities with a dynamic mix of housing, office, retail and amenities, where people gather to live, work, shop, dine, and play. Mixed-use development encourages a diverse range of housing, smart growth, sustainability and placemaking, enriching connections between people and the spaces they share. These projects layer together compatible land uses and, public amenities at various scales and intensities, energizing the built environment.
Interior lobby photograph of residential building with seating and modern lighting.

Multiple Forms, Lasting Character

Mixed-use projects can take on many forms, including vertical mixed-use buildings, horizontal mixed-use blocks, or mixed-use walkable neighborhoods. A mixed-use approach can optimize land use, enhance historic character, boost employment opportunities, and encourage well-being through greater social interaction and physical activity. TCC has deep experience developing the highest-profile, most vibrant mixed-use properties, offering a sophisticated blend of private, commercial, and public spaces. Our residential projects are developed and operated under the High Street Residential brand.


  • Greater housing variety and density
  • Reduced distances between housing, workplaces, retail businesses, and other destinations
  • More compact development
  • Stronger neighborhood character
  • Pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly environments
Interior photograph of Sonnet lobby with couches, tables and greenery in Washington, DC.
Washington, DC


A 288-unit apartment building in Washington, DC with 16,000 square feet of ground-floor retail.

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