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Josh Dix is a Principal with TCC’s MidAtlantic office. Josh oversees the firm’s mixed-use and multifamily projects for High Street Residential, TCC's residential subsidiary, throughout North Carolina. He is primarily responsible for the acquisition, financing, and budgeting of large-scale development projects, as well as the underwriting and analysis of potential projects. Recent developments exceed over $600 million in project costs. In his role, Josh also manages the day-to-day activities required to see projects from acquisition and preliminary concepts, through design coordination, to final product. Josh previously served in the same capacity for TCC in Washington DC, where he worked for 20 years before relocating to North Carolina in 2021. 

Josh also provides strategic review of residential projects company wide. He serves as a national multifamily product specialist for High Street Residential, keeping residential development teams across the country abreast of national trends and best practices.