Hitachi High Tech America

A 195,546 square-foot industrial development.

Exterior photograph of the Hitachi High Tech America building.


Hillsboro, Oregon

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Project Start: Q4 2020
Project Completion: Q4 2021


TCC provided development management services for a 195,546-square-foot industrial development in Hillsboro, Oregon. The building was acquired by Principal Real Estate Investors, TCC’s capital partner on the project, and is fully leased to Hitachi High-Tech America Inc. (HTA). Located at 3600 NE Huffman St, the facility is identified as the Hitachi Center of Excellence in Portland, focused on semiconductor engineering. The tenant program included unique specifications that TCC implemented in the design and construction process to meet the specialized requirements of the facility.

Working closely with the tenant, TCC designed the facility to IBC Risk Category IV, which is used in buildings that are considered essential to an operator’s needs and who want limited downtime after a code-level event such as an earthquake – this was a fundamental requirement of the tenant program and driven by their focus on customer service.

Photograph of Portland, Oregon skyline.

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