The relocation of regional utility provider’s Operations Center.

Exterior photograph of PSE Kent building front door.


Kent, Washington

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Project Start: 2020
Project Completion: June 2021


In late 2019, TCC’s Seattle office was selected by Puget Sound Energy(PSE) for the development of a new Kent Substation Operations Center. The Kent Substation Operations Center (KSOC) is an operations base supporting construction, maintenance, and repair of PSE’s electric and gas systems for its customers. The new Kent Substation Operations Center replaced an outdated existing facility with a new 31,239 square foot building that includes assembly space, office, industrial operations and storage. The construction type is V-B fully sprinklered.

The Kent Substation Operations Center is a relocation of the existing KSOC from a site known as Shuffleton located approximately 8 miles north of the new location in Kent. The new build-to-suit development includes EV charging stations, fleet vehicle and equipment parking, seismically stable concrete pad storage for transformer equipment and several material containment bays. The site is secured with fencing and motorized gates with perimeter landscaping. The building layout is open and provides flexibility for future changing needs. Amenities include a library, fitness room with restrooms, showers and lockers. The new shop is designed to meet current environmental standards and the new building has modern highly efficient HVAC and other building systems designed to meet the stringent Washington state energy code.

The project was completed and delivered to the client in June 2021 on time and under budget.

Exterior photograph of Seattle, Washington skyline.

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