South Congress Hotel

Luxury hotel consisting of 70,000 square feet with 80 boutique rooms and 7,500 square feet of restaurant/retail space.

Exterior photograph of South Congress hotel.


Austin, Texas

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Project Start: November 2013
Project Completion: August 2015


TCC partnered with Capital Sports and Entertainment to develop a luxury boutique three-story hotel in the heart of Austin’s South Congress (SOCO) shopping and entertainment district. TCC’s key role was developer manager for this project and worked with a team of architects, contractors, engineers, and consultants to quickly begin construction to capture the high demand of the marketplace.

Opportunity, Solutions & Outcomes

In creating South Congress Hotel, there were various challenges. For instance, there was a height restriction associated with the South Congress Capital View Corridor. In addition, the site was associated with a ground lease with the nearby Baptist Church, which provided some limitations and restrictions.

The hotel is in a unique part of Austin known for its night life and distinctive restaurant/retail locations. The hotel consists of 80 rooms and 7,500 square feet of restaurant and retail space. The design portrays a vintage look, while providing all the modern amenities of today.
Skyline photograph of Austin, Texas.

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