Suez Water Technologies & Solutions Lab

A research and development office/laboratory in Tomball, Texas.

Photograph of the Suez Water Technologies and Solutions Laboratory building.


Tomball, Texas

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Project Start: 2017
Project Completion: 2018


Suez wanted to build a new state-of-the-art laboratory facility in proximity to existing employees. After conducting a detailed site selection process with CBRE, Suez purchased 5.5 acres within the Tomball Business & Technology Park in Tomball, Texas.

Suez initially selected TCC to be the developer/lessor of the facility, and later converted the contractual arrangement to a fee development management role. The relationship changed when Suez determined the facility was critical to its business continuity and decided to own the asset.

The facility was designed to perform research and development functions related to water processing technology. The overall gross building area is 45,576 SF and includes an attractive entrance and reception area, laboratory workstations, private offices, open office workstations, conference rooms and various support spaces.

Extensive mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems are designed to accommodate various laboratory functions. A large amount of air conditioned makeup air is provided to compensate for several large fume hoods. Various specialty gasses are distributed from a central tank storage area to the laboratory benches. Laboratory finishes and drainage piping is specified to work with petroleum residue. The building was designed to accommodate future expansion of laboratory and office space without increasing the core central plant equipment. The building exterior has a high ratio of glass to wall surface area, in addition to a clerestory window feature and multiple skylights, to allow natural lighting in all lab and office areas.

A total of 905 passenger vehicle parking spaces are provided for employees and visitors. An ample concrete truck court and loading dock are provided for efficient shipping and receiving functions.

An extensive amount of cost versus benefit analysis was performed to validate the best value for various building components due to the very high cost per square foot of such a facility.
Photograph of modern lobby, front desk and windows.
Photograph of the interior lab and office area of the Suez Water Technologies and Solutions lab.
Photograph of common seating area at Suez Water Technologies and Solutions lab.
Photograph of office desks.
Photograph of Suez Water Technologies and Solutions Laboratory building.
Photograph of Houston, Texas skyline.

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